36 weeks

January 2, 2018


But delivery will be easy compared to losing the next 20lbs after that

Weight: Pretending like it’s less than it probably is. And researching treadmills.
Maternity clothes: Sick of them. Avoiding dresses (cause I’m always wrangling kids) has really limited my wardrobe at the end.
Stretch Marks: No but I feel like the skin around my belly button is extra stretched so I keep inspecting it.
Sleep: I make lots of noises while moving and I have to work to get comfortable. But overall, not the worst.
Best moment: Getting into Duke’s birth year/month! And getting so many things done around the house and to prep for the baby.
Missing: Champagne… at least more than just a few sips, at least. And free time, although I don’t really mind being busy.
Loving: Belly, feeling movement, and being pregnant cause I know I’ll miss it. Also love getting so much done.
Movement: Mostly giant rolls where he makes my whole stomach move from side to side. Often I can feet a limb (foot?) stick out of my right side, so funny. And he’s always (his butt?) sticking out of one side or the other of my belly button.
Cravings: Chocolate. Loving the christmas Rocky Road. Also, lots of water.
Still occasional vomiting. Usually if my stomach is empty and I take vitamins and/or drink water.
“You’re ready to pop” -Johnny
Symptoms: Waddling cause I feel pressure on my bladder. SO CLUMSY. Hungry… but then uncomfortable from indigestion and occasional heartburn when I eat a lot. NESTING… I don’t want to do anything but “work on my list”. I even get annoyed when I have to sleep.
Looking forward to: Doctor appointment and getting more things done. And COLD WEATHER this week, I’m obsessed!
Dad’s thoughts: “Can’t believe we are already into Duke’s (& Beau’s) birth month! Can’t wait to meet him!


Oh will your baby not take a bottle? It’s not fun, is it Grace?


Judging by the state of the cushions, he probably really did need that helmet on


Freezing when it dropped to a frigid 70 degrees (but I can’t make fun cause thats my thick sweater in the background)