30 weeks

November 21, 2017


Lie to me

Weight: ?
Sleep: Great!
Best moment: NYC
Missing: I missed the kids while I was away. Also, I could always go for a mimosa.
Loving: Getting away, and then coming home. I also loved maternity leggings because I was not about to walk around in jeans all day.
Movement: Big pushes/kicks, hiccups, pressure in my hips.
Cravings: Smoked salmon.
A little nauseous on the airplane.
I swear, 1 more week and my jackets wouldn’t have zipped.
Name: We officially decided in NYC: Duke John Tolland.
Symptoms: Sometimes uncomfortable in the early morning; occasional Braxton Hicks; feet hurt after walking a lot.
Looking forward to: Our 1st Thanksgiving at home! My side of the family coming to visit, and decorating for Christmas.
Dad’s thoughts: “NYC was so much fun! Really loved some alone time with Alexa but also missed the kids A LOT. We decided on a name… Duke John Tolland. I love it!”



With my love. And Johnny.


Central Park carriage ride


When our driver was taking our picture and the horse started to leave with the carriage. Probably my favorite picture, ever.


Biiiiiig cathedral and biiiiig belly


Assuring Taylor that the horses get paid vaca every year


Staying warm in the harsh 70 degree winter