16 weeks

August 15, 2017



Weight: +2 this pregnancy (+10 from goal)
Maternity clothes: They’re slowly coming out. Starting to much prefer maternity shorts to normal ones.
Sleep: So, so good.
Best moment: Our appointment! Mostly hearing that sweet heartbeat and seeing him move, and also finding out that it’s a him! Also having Johnny’s mom here for the weekend and taking advantage of her babysitting for a date night out- I never knew a dinner could be so wonderful and relaxing just by not having toddlers there.
Missing: Not being more sensitive to foods… My stomach usually doesn’t feel great after I eat meals. Not nauseous, jut like I maybe ate something too greasy, even when it wasn’t. But that’s nothing compared to how happy I am, it’s way more than worth it.
Loving: All of our babies. I’ll never stop being so grateful for how fortunate we are.
Movement: Tiny flutters on the inside and sides, like near my hips. I suspected that I had an anterior placenta (nothing bad, just means that it’s attached to the front of my uterus, [like behind my belly button] as opposed to the back [like closer to my spine] which is more common) because I haven’t felt as strong kicks this time, and I haven’t been able to feel any from the outside yet. At our appointment, the doctor confirmed that it’s an anterior placenta and I felt like I was basically ready to be a certified OB 😉 I’m a little sad that this means I probably won’t feel as strong of kicks throughout the pregnancy, but I also know that a healthy placenta is nothing to be sad about.
Cravings: Savory… sweets taste too sweet to me, it’s so weird. Except for coffee, that has to be very sweet or I can’t drink it. Salty and sour things sound good. Impulse bought jalapeno-stuffed green olives and they’re amazing.
No! It’s so nice.
Yes! Most strangers still aren’t saying anything, but they’ll kind of imply that they’re asking like “oh a boy and a girl, do you want any more?”. The Publix cashier straight up asked me if I was expecting and then immediately asked if it was a boy… people always used to guess boy with Beau, too! So weird.
Gender PredictionIt’s a BOY! That’s what the tech guessed at 12 weeks so we suspected, but still exciting to get some confirmation. I’m looking forward to the next ultrasound to make sure it’s 100% confirmed, but it seemed pretty clear that’s it’s a ‘he’ in there! We are SO excited!
Symptoms: Belly, cravings, flutters.
Belly Button:
 Getting more shallow.
Looking forward to: Throwing a “Stock the Bar” shower for Johnny’s brother and our future sister-in-law this weekend! We love you, Patrick & Taylor! Also not quite as exciting but still exciting: getting in some new furniture for the play room that I’ve been meaning to decorate/organize for 1.5 years now.
Dad’s thoughts: “Glad  my final guess for gender was a boy because the ultrasound left no doubt! Now we just have to settle on a name. I feel so blessed and can’t wait to meet him.”