26 weeks

October 24, 2017


Weight: +12 (+20 from goal).
Maternity clothes: Starting to feel like maternity are my only options and nervous I’ll get sick of them by the end.
Sleep: Obsessed with it.
Best moment: Being home this weekend, pumpkin patch, and cleaning out the garage. Which was also kind of the worst moment but needed to happen.
Missing: Cold weather. I want it so badly.
Loving: All 3 babies. Already excited to see all 3 together.
Movement: My whole belly moves and I can feel him pushing on 2 opposite sides at once. Johnny gets surprised by how strong his kicks are.
Cravings: Sweets. aka carrot cake.
Nauseous if my stomach is empty, especially in the morning. And I randomly puked up and entire meal… in the car… while driving. But that was a rare occurrence, I think I just ate too much too fast.
Yes, constant comments from strangers… “Good, get them all over with now!” and I always think how I don’t want it all over with 🙂
Looking forward to: Halloween events for the kids and the Fl/Ga game.
Dad’s thoughts: “Had a great time at Bedner’s Farm and the pumpkin patch with the family. Hard to believe that next year there will be 3 little kids to wrangle for a picture with the pumpkins 🙂 It was such a great weekend, so glad we got to all be home together.”




Sneaking bites of raw pumpkin. Ok, G.


SO pleased with their Jack-o-lantern, not even caring that Mom’s design is not creative at all