We’re having a baby!


We found out we are PREGNANT!

(well, I’m pregnant, but Johnny helped me out so we’ll include him, too.)

Johnny left the night before to go on a fishing trip, and I woke up really early and took a test that came out positive. I knew that there aren’t usually false positives on pregnancy tests, but juuust to be sure, I held my bladder until the drug store opened, so I could buy some more expensive sticks to pee on. They blinked “Pregnant” and I couldn’t stop smiling!


Not an actual picture from that day, but this is what Johnny may or may not have looked like while I was finding out that our lives were changing forever



I drew on our kitchen chalkboard and waited all day for Johnny to get home. He walked in the door about 30 seconds before his parents pulled in our driveway… they happened to be in the area for a work conference and we had dinner plans. I figured we’d tell them soon, but I wanted Johnny to know first so I hid the chalkboard and poured myself the tiiiniest glass of wine (then poured most of it out) so that nobody would be suspicious. After dinner when Johnny’s parents had gone, I hung the chalkboard back up and waited for him to notice. He didn’t. So I pointed it out to him and he began jumping around and telling me how excited he was, it was really sweet. We proceeded to get professional pictures taken… aka the self-timer on our little camera.


The picture that we [eventually] showed to our parents to tell them the news


The really awkward picture that we showed to no one

And there we were, on our way to being parents.


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