7 weeks


Weight: +0 lbs
Maternity clothes: No, but old clothes seem to fit differently. Bloating? Probably just in my mind.
Sleep: A lot, and it’s great.
Best moment: Seeing our niece/nephew’s heartbeat for the first time.
Missing: Mimosas!
Loving: Afternoon naps and evening walks with Johnny.
Movement: Beating heart… but nothing I can feel, yet.
Cravings: Nothing, really. But sweeter things sound better than usual.
Sick: More sensitive to smells and more of a picky eater.
Showing yet: No, just bloating.
Gender prediction: ‘Boy’ dreams and everyone else is guessing ‘Boy’, too.
Symptoms: Food aversions, bloating, fatigue.
Mood: So happy!
Looking forward to: School getting out this week. More time for naps 😉
Dad’s thoughts: “You sleep a lot more. I can’t wait until you start showing. You have ‘the glow’ as in when we talk about the baby, you look happier than you’ve ever been.”





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