9 weeks

If you’re reading this, have a drink for me

Weight: Minus a few pounds.
Maternity clothes: Nope
Stretch Marks: No. Still researching creams and deciding if more expensive= better.
Sleep: Better than last week, not waking up as much.
Best moment: Celebrating Johnny’s first [unofficial] Father’s Day.
Missing: Having family live closer.
Loving: Chatting with my sister-in-law about everything baby.
Movement: None.
Cravings: Milk, cereal, sweets, and fruit. Not loving meat, but favoring red meat over poultry and fish… very different from my normal preferences.
Sick: Less often, but I did throw up one night.
Showing: Nope.
Gender prediction: If I had to guess, boy.
Symptoms: Food aversions and fatigue.
Looking forward to: Getting some projects done this Summer.
Dad’s thoughts: “You haven’t been moody, and you seem very happy. Definitely thinking about babies a lot. Father’s Day was cool, even though I’m not a father, yet. I felt bad that you got sick, but I was also kind of excited because it feels more real.”


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