15 weeks

This reminded me that I wanted an orange. Every day. Also, new hair because I already hate taking time to get highlights and I’ve heard that babies take up even more time, so low-maintence it is!

Weight: +0
Maternity clothes: Bought maternity leggings and they are amazing. Not wearing them quite yet, but I foresee them getting lots of use in the future. Tried on the fake bump… scary! But cool 🙂
Stretch Marks: No, hoping for none!
Sleep: Pretty good. Trying to sleep on my sides instead of my back, but my stomach feels weird and heavy.
Best moment: My parents visiting and setting our next ultrasound appointment where we will [hopefully] find out the sex!
Missing: Nothing.
Loving: Using my last few weeks of Summer break to clean and organize the house so my to-do list is shorter in the Fall.
Movement: Thought I could feel something, it felt like muscle spasms. I told my mom about it and she said she thinks it’s just muscle spasms.
Cravings: Oranges with sea salt!!!
Sick: Toothpaste, a little bit, but getting better. Appetite is coming back, too.
Showing: Looking pudgy.
Gender prediction: The extremely scientific ‘baking soda test’ said girl.
Looking forward to: My birthday!
Dad’s thoughts: “You’re sleeping more, again. And you have a little baby jump that I can notice, but I don’t think everyone can. Still no mood swings. Can’t wait for your birthday next week!”

IMG_6054.jpgFake… for now.