11 weeks

IMG_2278.JPGA little hometown love! Also, I don’t know why it looks like I have a side ponytail here but I definitely do not.

Weight: +0 total (up a few since last week)
Maternity clothes: No.
Stretch Marks: No. Still gagging when I smell the Cocoa Butter.
Sleep: Great!
Best moment: Celebrating our 1 year anniversary with a cruise to the Bahamas and milk in my wedding toasting flute.
Missing: My appetite.
Loving: Relaxing vacations, fruit, and frozen, processed meals (<-???)
Movement: None.
Cravings: Fruit and very specific things like boneless buffalo wings but only the ones from Applebee’s, no other restaurant will do.
Sick: Still BBQ, fish, and Mexican. I hate grocery shopping.
Showing: In a swim suit, a little bit! Not really  noticeable to others though.
Gender prediction: I don’t know!
Symptoms: Food aversions and cravings.
Looking forward to: The Keys vacation this week and our 12 week OB appointment next week.
Dad’s thoughts: “I think I noticed a baby bump more. I thought you were going to be moodier (I was preparing myself for it) but you haven’t been. You ate more this week, which is good, and you pee a lot more. I’m looking forward to another relaxing week, hanging out with my family, and talking about the baby.”

IMG_5940.jpgHiding the mini-bump with my virgin Miami Vice

IMG_5946.jpg Never did I ever think that I would be toasting with milk on our 1 year anniversary


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