12 weeks


Weight: +0 lbs
Maternity clothes: No, but 1 pair of shorts won’t fit.
Stretch Marks: No, and getting used to the smell of the cream.
Sleep: Great, but getting up at least once to pee. It’s annoying.
Best moment: Being in the Keys.
Missing: My appetite, still.
Loving: Doing some house decorating and starting to plan the baby (/guest) room.
Movement: None.
Cravings: None, really. Still liking fruit.
Sick: BBQ, fish, veggies, TOOTHPASTE.
Showing: In a swim suit, a little bit.
Gender prediction: ??? Took votes of family members: Boy=8, Girl=9
Symptoms: Food aversions and little belly.
Looking forward to: Our 12 week appointment.
Dad’s thoughts: “This is the most I’ve noticed your belly, but I think I’m the only one who can really notice it. Boobs are definitely bigger. You haven’t been moody at all, probably because you’ve been laying in the sun all day.”

IMG_5967.jpgHolding our baby/my food baby after dinner at Islamorada Fish Co.


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