13 weeks

Promise it’s not beer and a baby at the same time

Weight: +0
Maternity clothes: No, but any non-stretchy shorts are tight and getting uncomfortable.
Stretch Marks: No.
Sleep: Great + 1 pee break.
Best moment: 12 week appointment last week. Baby looked like a baby and we saw it move! Maybe a hiccup?
Missing: The Keys and family.
Loving: Life!
Movement: None, but getting excited for it.
Cravings: None. I don’t look forward to meal times. So different than normal!
Sick: Food in general, BBQ, fish, TOOTHPASTE.
Showing: Not too much.
Gender prediction: ? I really do mean it when I say that I don’t care, as long as it’s healthy.
Symptoms: Food aversions, small belly, gagging on toothpaste.
Looking forward to: Nothing. Life is good 🙂
Dad’s thoughts: “I’m starting to think more about the name and what the sex is… the anagram makes it even more real. Alexa has been very happy, you can tell that she has that glow.”
Mom’s thoughts: The ‘glow’ is just greasy skin.

FullSizeRender-11.jpgA real baby!


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