14 weeks


Weight: +0 but my appetite is coming back, so I think this might change soon.
Maternity clothes: No, but looser clothes.
Stretch Marks: No. Always forget the lotion, oops.
Sleep: Pretty good, usually. Sometimes I’ll feel wide awake in the middle of the night, though.
Best moment: Entering the 2nd trimester and painting the baby’s room from gray to… a different color gray. Sorry Johnny, you’re the best!
Missing: Being able to lift heavy things. I hate feeling like a wimp.
Loving: Having a healthy pregnancy, so far.
Movement: None, but I’ve started thinking about it a lot and trying to feel it. Probably not for a few weeks, though!
Cravings: Cereal and milk. Yum!
Sick: Toothpaste. Not loving meat or veggies, either.
Showing: No, just pudgier than usual.
Gender prediction: Still a boy.
Looking forward to: Doctor appointment next week. No ultrasound, but maybe they’ll let me hear the heartbeat on the doppler?
Dad’s thoughts: “Still having weird cravings (cereal). Still only showing to me, I don’t think anyone else can notice. Still napping a lot and starting to get more excited about planning the baby’s room. I’m getting excited to find out the baby’s sex…  I think about that a lot!”

IMG_2289.jpgThe baby would have just hated the old gray but I know it will be much happier with the new gray


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