19 weeks


Weight: +1
Maternity clothes: Mostly normal clothes but I’m actually really excited to wear maternity clothes- so comfy.
Stretch Marks: No.
Sleep: Good, despite a cold.
Best moment: Feeling movement!
Missing: Cold medicine and sangria. But not together.
Loving: Being pregnant.
Movement: YES. Sometimes it feels like pokes in the stomach from the inside- kicks? And sometimes it feels like a big fish flopping- rolls/movement? I love it and I can’t wait to feel it more often.
Cravings: Still things on the sweeter side, but not too badly.
Sick: No, only sometimes if I cough heavily, I have no idea why.
Showing: Yes! people who know me always comment and I love it.
Gender: A sweet little boy. Still no name, though. Not even close.
Looking forward to: College football starting and stealing sips of beer on gamedays.
Dad’s thoughts:  “There is no doubt that your belly is showing and that your appetite is back. I keep trying to think of what his name is. Can’t wait for him to get here.”