16 weeks

Picture taken prior to eating my weight in Olive Garden breadsticks… belly was probably a little bigger afterwards.

Weight: +2
Maternity clothes: Not yet.
Stretch Marks: No.
Sleep: Fine, but weird dreams. I got a pregnancy pillow for my birthday and I’m way more excited than a persons hold be over a pillow.
Best moment: Celebrating my birthday! Sober!
Missing: Birthday morning mimosas… but not missing them that much.
Loving: Feeling so loved on my birthday.
Movement: I think the “muscle spasms” might  be it! If it is, it’s not often, nor very noticeable. And it doesn’t feel like “flutters” at all.
Cravings: Fruit  and sweets.
Sick: Really only if my stomach is too empty. Yay!
Showing: I don’t feel very different, but friends say that they can tell.
Gender prediction: Not as strong of a ‘boy’ feeling as before, but I still don’t know.
Looking forward to: Finding out the sex and seeing our families.
Dad’s thoughts: “I (along with other people) have noticed that your belly is getting a little bit bigger. Your appetite has come back, but you still have weird cravings. Still waiting for mood swings, but they haven’t happened, yet.”

IMG_6073.jpgChef Johnny with my birthday cupcakes that I accidentally let fall over in the car

IMG_6069.JPGA really flattering picture of me testing out my new pillow from heaven


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