18 weeks


Weight: +1 total
Maternity clothes: Wearing the belly band and using ‘the rubber band trick’ on buttons.
Stretch Marks: No but some itching on my belly. Using the cream every night juuust in case it actually works.
Sleep: Good.
Best moment: Finding out the baby’s gender and meeting our families to tell them via cupcakes.
Missing: Nova lox bagels. Worth it!
Loving: Everything.
Movement: I  don’t think so.
Cravings: Still fruit and sweets more than anything else.
Sick: No! 🙂
Showing: In tighter clothes, yes!
Gender: BOY! We love him so much, already.
Looking forward to: January 20th.
Dad’s thoughts: “I definitely notice your belly! I’ve enjoyed a week of snuggling and taking the place of the pillow, again. So excited that it’s a boy, I can’t wait to feel him kick! I feel like the weeks are flying by.”

IMG_2314.JPGAll blue errything


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