21 weeks



Weight: +3
Maternity clothes: Mostly normal clothes, but I officially hate wearing pants. Dresses for the win!
Stretch Marks: No, but getting nervous.
Sleep: Great, and sometimes getting up once to pee.
Best moment: Seeing him for a long time at our ultrasound and hearing that he looks healthy.
Missing: Not having such a big sweet tooth.
Loving: Having a healthy baby and narrowing down the list of names.
Movement: Often, and loving it!
Cravings: Donuts for dinner and iced coffee for dessert.
Showing: Yes, I’m in denial though. I dreamed that I was in a swim suit and nobody could tell (lol… no). Also, belly button is looking weird.
Gender: Ultrasound confirmed definitely a boy.
Looking forward to: Deciding on a name.
Dad’s thoughts: “It’s been so cool feeling him kick. I can’t wait until we decide on his name. His mom is still as active as ever, except for a couple of naps. Can’t wait till he gets here!”

Waving hi and probably saying thanks for all of the donuts


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