22 weeks

IMG_2347.jpgAnd I weigh… not one pound

Weight: +4 on my scale in the morning, +6 on the doctor’s scale in the afternoon. I like my scale better.
Maternity clothes: Trying to get the last bit of use out of non-maternity shirts.
Stretch Marks: No. I keep hearing that it’s all about genetics and cream doesn’t matter. Still greasing up the belly every night, though.
Sleep: Great, not waking up at all! I miss sleeping on my back, though.
Best moment: Seeing him at the ultrasound today and hearing that everything is good.
Missing: Nothing, I love being pregnant.
Loving: Going to bed early. Can’t get enough sleep!
Movement: Yes, especially in the evenings when I sit down.
Cravings: Donuts! I think about them an embarrassing amount.
Sick: No, but weak gag reflex. almost threw up on my way to work after tasting yogurt that I didn’t like.
Showing: Yes! A few parents at school have mentioned it.
Gender: Baby boy.
Looking forward to: Johnny coming home from his business trip.
Dad’s thoughts: “It’s been so cool feeling him kick and even seeing him move in his mom’s belly. I can’t wait for the 4-d ultrasound and to get home to see my babies.”

A lovely bathroom mirror picture to show off the spaghetti squash-sized baby


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