28 weeks

Smuggling a pumpkin

Weight: +12
Maternity clothes: Shirts: yes. Dresses: normal dresses. Pants: avoiding altogether.
Stretch Marks: No, but I think the veins in my legs are darker.
Sleep: Love it!
Best moment: Seeing both sides of our families, and my mom talking to/kissing my belly and feeling him kick for the first time.
Missing: Not requiring so much sleep.
Movement: New favorite hobby= feeling my belly.
Cravings: Nothing, currently.
Sick: Randomly felt really nauseous for a few hours one day… but fine, besides that.
Showing: Yep. A stranger said “obviously” when referring to me being pregnant. It still surprises me, I don’t know why!
Looking forward to: Halloween and the Florida/Georgia game this weekend. As much fun as being sober at the ‘World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party’ would be, we’ll be enjoying the game from home this year.
Dad’s thoughts: “It was another great week. Looking forward to Halloween… can’t wait till he can trick-or-treat with is. His mom and I are so excited for him to get here.”