25 weeks


Weight: +9 (see: cravings)
Maternity clothes: Some! And looser normal clothes.
Stretch Marks: Nope.
Sleep: Can’t. get. enough.
Best moment: Celebrating Johnny’s 26th birthday! (by being his DD)
Missing: Fitting into cute dresses for all of the weddings that we’re attending.
Loving: The first (and only) cool morning of Fall. It felt so nice… for about 2 hours until it was hot again.
Movement: Sometimes big kicks and sometimes just weird feeling movement all over inside. I can also feel it on opposite sides of my stomach at once.
Cravings: Sweeeeeets so much, I hate it but I want them all the time.
Showing: Yes, the first stranger made a comment to me.
Gender: Boy WITH A NAME… Beau Timothy Tolland.
Looking forward to: Visiting Ormond Beach and the Tolland side of the family this weekend.
Dad’s thoughts: “Alexa looks as beautiful as ever and her belly is definitely getting bigger. So excited that we finally settled on his name- Beau Timothy. Can’t wait until this weekend when all of our family and friends can see Alexa’s belly and our little boy.”


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