26 weeks


Weight: +8 (or maybe more… my scale is unreliable)
Maternity clothes: Some. Lots of dresses, long shirts, and pants with the belly band.
Stretch Marks: No!
Sleep: Great but getting up once to pee, usually.
Best moment: Seeing family (including Lori-Ann visiting from Charlotte) this weekend.
Missing: Living closer to family.
Loving: Family and friends (and us!) being so excited for the baby.
Movement: Huge kicks and rolls that move my whole stomach. And I can feel pressure in different spots, like he’s laying or pushing there.
Cravings: Nothing too much… breakfast foods, a little bit.
Sick: No, but sometimes feeling so tired that I feel like I’m getting sick (!!!)
Showing: Yes, second comment from a stranger! And sweet comments from people at work all of the time.
Gender: We love our little boy.
Looking forward to: Jason Aldean & Florida-Geourgia Line concert on Saturday, baby registering on Sunday, and doctor’s appointment (4-D ultrasound) on Monday.
Dad’s thoughts: “It’s so cool to be able to see him move and kick. I love telling everybody his name and I can’t wait until the next sonogram.”


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