27 weeks

Looking extra large… probably because I am? Still in denial over here.

Weight: +12 at doctor’s office
Maternity clothes: Yes, mixed with normal clothes.
Stretch Marks: No!
Sleep: Amazing.
Best moment: Lot’s of them! Concert, baby registering, and doctor’s appointment (although we couldn’t really see his face in 4-d and the glucose drink made me feel like I was going to pass out. I survived, though).
Missing: Delicious cocktails. Before the concert started, I was sitting down and the [very intoxicated] girl behind me kept falling over and using my head to balance herself. She said “In my defense, you should be dancing, too!” I said “In my defense, I’m sober” but I tried to be understanding because I’m sureknow I’ve been that girl before. Karma.
Loving: Feeling him move all day.
Movement: Definitely feeling more movement and rolls. Sometimes can even feel a body part going across my belly.
Cravings: Colder weather (Hi, ZBB!). Really though, I’m hot.
Sick: No, taking vitamins and a glass of OJ every day to try to avoid any colds, I don’t think I could handle a cold + working + pregnancy! Although people do it every day so I’m probably just a baby… still avoiding it, though!
Showing: Yep, first random belly rub from a stranger at the concert. I actually didn’t mind though, she was so sweet [and drunk].
Gender: Not answering this any more unless it changes butttt I hope not.
Looking forward to: The Maddux wedding this weekend… our last of 7 weddings this year! And getting to see both sides of our families.
Dad’s thoughts: “Beau has been kicking more than ever, and his mom is always feeling for him. Time has been flying by, and it finally feels like he’s going to be here soon. I can’t wait to meet him!”

IMG_6348.jpgArmed with the registering gun and caffeine… pretending like we know
what we need to raise a human.

Party people tailgating

IMG_2394.jpgYee haw


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