32 weeks

“Little? I’ve got a 20 pounder smaller than that!” -My mom

Weight: +18 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Both. Maternity leggings are the best.
Stretch Marks: No, getting more nervous though.
Sleep: Great! Savoring the last few weeks of uninterrupted sleep.
Best moment: “Work friends” baby shower and my sister getting back from studying abroad in Australia today!
Missing: Nothing. Actually, sometimes beer. But I just steal a few little sips of Johnny’s and that’s good enough.
Loving: Time flying by.
Movement: Almost constant, sometimes! I can feel big body parts but can’t tell what they are (foot, knee, butt?).
Cravings: Sweets, no surprise there.
Showing: Apparently, my belly is comparative to a thanksgiving turkey.
Looking forward to: Seeing my side of the family for Thanksgiving, including my sister who has been gone for 4 months!
Symptoms: Sounding like an old man when I get up, sometimes pain when I bend over, and almost throwing up if I burp… lovely!
Dad’s thoughts: “So excited that we’re already at 8 months! Beau’s mom is as beautiful as ever… can’t wait for him to get here!”