31 weeks


Weight: +19 at the doctor’s office. I laughed and looked behind the scale because I knew it was stuck on the wall and that’s why it was reading so high…. it wasn’t.
Maternity clothes: Both maternity and loose, normal clothes.
Stretch Marks: No.
Sleep: Amazing.
Best moment: Breastfeeding and Labor & Delivery/Childcare class, and doctor’s appointment. Also hearing that baby still looks good and healthy, is head down, and we are allowed to go to Savannah for our ‘babymoon’.
Missing: My normal weight.
Loving: Life.
Movement: Yes, and in/in front of my ribs. I don’t mind, though.
Cravings: All food.
Sick: Tiny bit of heartburn. Very rarely, and only when I eat/drink something acidic, and it doesn’t last long.
Showing: Yes, and everybody likes to tell me so! I know they’re just excited, though… I am, too!
Looking forward to: “Work friends” baby shower this weekend.
Dad’s thoughts: “I learned so much in the classes this week. Everything on Alexa looks the same, except her belly has grown a lot. So happy that the baby is in a good position. Can’t wait for him to get here!”

IMG_6424.jpgJohnny learning how to breastfeed

IMG_6431.jpgBasically exactly what the baby looks like right now


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