37 weeks


Weight: +28 at the doctor today. Whoa!
Maternity clothes: Some of both.
Stretch Marks: Butt only, no new ones.
Sleep: Good! It’s uncomfortable to roll over and my hips hurt when I stay on one side for too long, but the pain is very brief and goes away as soon as I change my position.
Best moment: Christmas!
Missing: Sleeping on my stomach and feeling like I have plenty of time to finish my ‘To-Do’ list.
Loving: Having off work so I have time to get everything done.
Movement: Big squirms, pushes, and hiccups.
Cravings: Nothing, really. Sweets still a little bit.
Symptoms: A little swelling of hands and feet sometimes, but not badly. Feeling a little irritable… is that a symptom? Some round ligament pain sometimes. Overall, still not feeling too “pregnant” or uncomfortable.
*At doctor today: Not dilated, but his head is very low. The doctor pointed out his diaphragm moving during the ultrasound, meaning he’s practicing breathing!
Looking forward to: Checking things off of my massive to-do list, and doctor’s appointment next week.
Dad’s thoughts: “37 weeks came so fast, I can’t believe that Beau is already full term and he could come any time. His mom and I can’t wait to meet him!”