35 weeks


Weight: +22 at the doctor’s office yesterday.
Maternity clothes: Mostly. Plus a few other loose shirts and dresses.
Stretch Marks: YES! But not on my stomach… on my behind! A few tiny little red lines and I don’t even care, I hardly noticed them 🙂
Sleep: Still good, except for waking up coughing from a cold.
Best moment: Baby shower this past weekend, it was amazing and I’m so thankful. I loved hearing how excited everyone is to meet Beau, and of course receiving some baby supplies.
Missing: Not really missing, but appreciating my old body. Wondering how I ever thought I needed to lose weight?!
Loving: My round pregnant body. And the nicest husband who is so excited for the baby.
Movement: Lots of kicks in the ribs. It doesn’t feel as bad as I thought it would, though.
Cravings: Same, same, same: sweets.
Sick: I have a cold/congestion and it’s awful! Makes me extra thankful that I’ve been healthy, so far.
Symptoms: Sometimes peeing a little when I sneeze, haha! Never thought it would actually happen to me.
Looking forward to: Babymoon in Savannah!
Dad’s thoughts: “So happy he’s still in a good position, and it’s definitely good that Mom isn’t dilated, yet. Can’t wait to meet little baby Beau!”

Grandmothers and aunties (minus Lori-Ann!)

Attempting to make a heart over the baby. I was obviously unimpressed... Sorry moms! Love you!

The beginning and end of our maternity photos

LOL Johnny


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