36 weeks


Weight: Don’t know, we’re away from home. A lot, I’m sure!
Maternity clothes: I hate all pants except for maternity leggings.
Stretch Marks: Same 3 little lines on my butt, no new ones.
Sleep: Good, but better when I’m in my own bed.
Best moment: Our “Babymoon” in Savannah. So nice and relaxing.
Missing: Already know I’ll miss the belly and being pregnant.
Loving: Feeling great!
Movement: Definitely not as many big kicks, more squirms.
Cravings: Sweets and fruit.
Symptoms: A couple of times, hip pain when I move at night, but it passes quickly. Some foot/leg cramps. Peeing more often.
Looking forward to: Christmas! And although I don’t want to leave family, I’m looking forward to getting home and getting everything ready for Beau.
Dad’s thoughts: “I can’t believe it’s already 36 weeks! We had such a great time in Savannah… eating for 3 🙂 He could come at any moment! I can’t wait to be a dad!”

DSC_0385.jpgA very slow walk to/around Forsyth Park

DSC_0401.jpgV.I.P treatment

DSC_0418.jpgWhen you can’t enjoy the bars, you enjoy every. single. ice cream shop.

A really great quality picture of our dinner at The Olde Pink House


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