Beau’s Birth: Timeline

January 20, 2015

5:45 am: 9 cm dilated! The nurse told me that I was having contractions every 2 minutes all night, and I was reminded again at how wonderful modern medicine is because I slept through them all. I did some “practice pushes” and the doctor (and Johnny) could see Beau’s head… so weird! They turned the epidural strength down to half and I could feel the contractions again. Not a feeling that I missed, but still not nearly as bad as the night before, and I just felt ready to push.

8:45 am: The nurse told me I could begin pushing. I did, and then she casually asked me to stop pushing because the baby was close, and the doctor wasn’t there yet. I casually thought “you’re crazy; no” but I tried my best to wait for the doctor, because I’m a rule-follower. An eternity a few minutes later, my normally hyper doctor calmly walked in the room and got all set up to catch a baby. I was reaaally hoping he would hurry! up! please! but he obviously knew what he was doing, and I survived.


9:08 am: Beau was born! He was immediately handed to me, and it was about as awesome as you can imagine. I noticed he looked slightly more gray than pink and wasn’t crying yet, so I asked the nurse if he was ok. I don’t remember if she said anything or not, but she took him over to the warmer and worked her magic, and within a few seconds he was pink, crying, and handed back to me.


Johnny didn’t get to cut the cord because it was wrapped around Beau’s neck but we didn’t care, we were just thankful it didn’t cause any problems during birth! He began nursing very soon after and nursed for over an hour… he obviously began his love of food early. The next couple of days were spent resting, seeing family visitors, eating (especially by Beau), and notsleeping, but loving it 🙂 Recovery was hard for me, I didn’t expect it to be that rough and painful! Luckily, I felt better and better every day, and within a week I felt a world of a difference, though still not anywhere close to my normal self.