38 weeks


Weight: +27 at the doctor. I’ve heard that it’s common to lose a pound or 2 in the last few weeks but didn’t think it would happen to me with how large I feel!
Maternity clothes: Normal dresses, maternity shirts and pants (aka leggings).
Stretch Marks: None new. I’m nervous, though!
Sleep: Not perfect, but still really good considering everything. Also some killer calf cramps every once in a while… every time I wake up from one moaning, Johnny freaks out and thinks I’m in labor.
Best moment: Just feeling more ready overall… finishing the nursery, shopping, and packing hospital bags.
Missing: Nothing 🙂
Loving: The excitement of being so close!
Movement: Very often, but smaller movements.
Cravings: Sweets, of course.
Symptoms: Slight swelling in fingers and toes, but not too noticeable and it doesn’t bother me. Dreams about if I’m going into labor or not. HUGE belly. Overall, still feeling really great! Wondering if he’s “dropped”? I can’t tell!
Looking forward to: Doctor appointment this week and getting my to-do list completely done… not sure if that will ever happen, though!
Dad’s thoughts: “I feel like the home is finally ready for little Beau. We are both mentally ready for him to get here. Everybody always says that they can’t wait to meet him, and we can’t wait, either. So excited!”


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