39 weeks


Weight: Didn’t weight myself.
Maternity clothes: Maternity jean shorts and maternity shirts are my go-to everyday outfits lately. Down to a small rotation of comfy shirts that fit!
Stretch Marks: Disliking the ones on my butt more and more, but grateful to not have any new ones (yet!).
Sleep: Not terrible, but not great. I think it’s more about my mind not turning off, plus a little trouble getting/staying comfortable.
Best moment: Doctor’s appointment hearing that I’m 80% effaced and 1cm dilated! The exam hurt though, I wasn’t expecting that.
Missing: Cold beer. Mmm.
Loving: Thinking about all of the excitement to come.
Movement: Slowed down, but still big movements. I can see my whole stomach move from the corner of my eye, even when I’m not looking for it.
Cravings: Sweets. Wonder if that will go away?
Symptoms: Lost mucus plug on 1/9 (38 weeks 3 days). Not sure if it was just from the exam the day before. Feeling slightly crampy every once in a while, and stronger Braxton Hicks.
Looking forward to: Doctor appointment this Thursday and having a baby if he decides to come before next Tuesday!
Dad’s thoughts: “We are both ready for you and can’t wait to meet you. This week can’t go by fast enough. Love you, already!”

Nursery (/guest room)








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