5 weeks

I’m blaming the poor quality on the picture being taken at 4am [before leaving for the airport] and not the fact that we still have no idea how to use this camera

Weight: Starting weight
Maternity clothes: All of mine are still on loan to my friend and sister-in-law who both recently had babies! I don’t need them yet, though. I feel thicker, I don’t know if it’s in my mind, bloating, or weight still from baby #1 (probably the latter).
Stretch Marks: No. Hoping to be as lucky as last time.
Sleep: Love it. I’ve felt more awake in the mornings lately.
Best moment: Getting good numbers from my blood draws, and also telling our families about the baby.
Missing: Beer. I actually really like O’douls, though!
Loving: Feeling grateful for pregnancy. I know it’s not that simple, too often.
Movement: No, but I can’t wait.
Cravings: Fast food [McDonalds and Wendy’s, particularly] sounds good… uh oh! Also, spicy things.
Sick: No, but I haven’t wanted coffee as much.
Showing: No! Not feeling especially skinny, but that’s probably nothing to do with this baby 😉
Gender Prediction: I’ve had no feelings/dreams. Everyone else is saying ‘girl’, probably just because there are [soon-to-be] 3 boys on the Tolland side of the family.
Symptoms: Acne on hairline and back. Maybe more emotional? More body heat (Noticed it even before we found out that I was pregnant!)
Looking forward to: Visiting our sister and brother-in-law and meeting our new nephew in Charlotte this weekend! And Beau’s first Halloween.
Dad’s thoughts: “Can’t wait till next week when we can see the baby’s heartbeat!”