Baby Tolland #2

collage2.jpgBeau was actually looking at my feet, but we can pretend like he’s excited for a sibling

October 21, 2015

We found out we are pregnant, again!
I had taken a test on Saturday, but it was negative. I took another test Wednesday morning and got  alight positive line. I took it downstairs and showed Johnny as he was feeding Beau breakfast. We were both very happy and excited, although a little hesitant because we had a chemical pregnancy (very early miscarriage) the month prior. However, the test line seemed darker than the last time, and we both had a better feeling about it.

We saw our doctor on Wednesday (we had an appointment within an hour of calling, I love them!) and had blood drawn and an ultrasound. It was too early to see a baby, but he said that the uterine lining looked very thick and favorable for pregnancy.

Blood draw #1: 10/21/15 (12-13 days past ovulation)
HCG: 68
Progesterone: 24.9

Blood draw #2: 10/23/15 (14-15 days past ovulation)
HCG: 162
Progesterone: 23.4

The numbers seem great and definitely favorable for a healthy pregnancy, so far!

We told our families Friday night via FaceTime… nobody seemed very surprised at all 🙂

IMG_9084.jpgEnjoying his dwindling time as an only child


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