7 weeks

Feeling pregnant aka: sick, tired, and so happy 🙂

Weight: -1.5 lbs
Maternity clothes: No, but I’m actually excited for them.
Sleep: Can’t get enough. Sleeping 8-9 hours at night, plus sometimes naps. So tired!
Best moment: A Gator win and and feeling ok-ish some days.
Missing: Coffee and my normal appetite.
Loving: Both of our babies.
Movement: No. Wondering (hoping!) if I’ll feel it earlier this time.
Cravings: No food, really. Had oranges with sea salt once this week and it was delicious, but now sounds gross. 
 Not feeling amazing, especially when I’m tired… which is almost all of the time. I hate coffee and most food sounds unappetizing. Gagged on toothpaste a few times. As stereotypical as it is, pickles seem to help if I’m feeling nauseous.
Showing: No. I don’t want to look huge too quickly, of course, but I can’t wait for the belly!
Gender Prediction: Dad and I are thinking another boy.
Symptoms: Sensitivity to smells, tired, loss of appetite, cravings, aversions, body heat, thirsty, peeing more.
Looking forward to: Having a belly!
Dad’s thoughts: “I feel like the weeks have gone by very fast. Can’t wait until our next doctor appointment. Mama is acting a little bit more sleepy, but seems to be loving pregnancy, again.”

IMG_9442.jpgNaked runaway (crawlaway?) before his bath

IMG_9444.jpgIt’s because we’re pregnant


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