8 weeks

Fall attire for Florida

Weight: -2 lbs
Maternity clothes: No
Sleep: Good! More tired, overall, but it’s ok as long as I can force down some coffee.
Best moment: Finding a house to (maybe!) buy.
Missing: Feeling good.
Loving: Having some reassurance that baby is ok, even if it means me feeling sick.
Movement: No, but I’m already anticipating it.
Cravings: Nothing, most of the time, but sometimes random things sound good. Of course the one things that sounds amazing is a Tuna sandwich from Subway so I got it once, but trying not to eat too much Tuna.
 Haven’t been feeling well all week, and threw up for the first time today. Can’t even think about Mexican food. Most other food doesn’t sound good, either.
Showing: No, but looking forward to it.
Gender Prediction: Had a dream about a baby boy!
Symptoms: Nausea, fatigue, body heat, smell sensitivity, maybe more emotional?
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving and seeing both sides of our family!
Dad’s thoughts: “Can’t believe he already has fingers and toes… he OR she… time is flying by, can’t wait for the next doctor appointment.”



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