9 weeks


Weight: -3 lbs
Maternity clothes: No, but getting excited for maternity pants. This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, I’m sure ๐Ÿ˜‰
Sleep: Good, still can’t get enough! Taking naps some (most) days.
Best moment: Seeing both sides of our family for Thanksgiving.
Missing: Having energy and not feeling nauseous.
Loving: Having a great life.
Movement: No, can’t wait!
Cravings:ย Nothing.
Feeling “carsick” constantly. Gagging while brushing/flossing. Aversions are Mexican food, coffee, and fish. I have a smaller appetite, but still able to eat most meals. I’ve thrown up/dry heaved after brushing my teeth, multiple times.
Showing:ย No, but thicker. I’ve undone the button on my pants a couple of times but I don’t know if they’re actually tighter, or the pressure just bothers me more because of nausea.
Gender Prediction: I don’t know!
Symptoms:ย Spotting, back ache, body heat, nausea, fatigue, smell sensitivity.
Looking forward to: Being out of the first trimester and our next appointment so we can be assured that everything looks good.
Dadโ€™s thoughts: “It was a great Thanksgiving with all of our family. Can’t wait for everyone to meet this baby and love him… or her… as much as they love Beau.”

IMG_9638.jpgParty trick


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