13 weeks

…But not quite yet!

Weight: +1 lb
Maternity clothes: No. Can’t get away with short shirts, though.
Sleep: Great, love it! And I don’t feel as tired during the day, yesssss.
Best moment: Closing on a HOUSE! and seeing both sides of our family for Christmas.
Missing: Still some energy.
Loving: Not being as nauseous.
Movement: Analyzing every bubble/gurgle in my stomach. Could be occasional flutters, could be bubbles. I can’t tell!
Cravings: Lemons…?! My appetite seems to be a little better, although still not 100%.
 Much better! Still not loving fish or Mexican and I still have to be careful not to drink water too fast in the morning. Weaker gag reflex. But overall, ok!
Showing: Sometimes! In tight clothes and at night.
Gender Prediction: Boy! Can’t wait to know for sure.
Symptoms: Small appetite, some nausea, acne on hairline and back, fatigue, body heat, emotional, slightly bigger boobs (…finally!)
Looking forward to: New Year’s Eve, getting started on packing to move, our next appointment, an Beau’s first birthday!
Dad’s thoughts: “So cool seeing Beau’s first Christmas, can’t wait to have 2 babies next Christmas. The 1st time I’ve really noticed Mom’s belly.”

The four of us on Christmas Eve

We were Mr. & Mrs. Clause at a Christmas Eve party and someone was not impressed


Third-wheeling in their Christmas picture



This was the best ’11 months’ picture I could get. So that’s about how this photo shoot went