10 weeks

No energy= no chalkboard. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Weight: -3 lbs
Maternity clothes: No
Sleep: I love sleep and naps. I feel like I have zero energy, always.
Best moment: Spending so much time with our families and a “day date” to lunch with Johnny- taking advantage of babysitting while we visit family.
Missing: Energy and feeling good.
Loving: Johnny being so great and picking up my slack when I’m a bum.
Movement: Not yet.
Cravings: Nothing.
Yes, for most of the day. Nights are the best I feel. I hate coffee and most food, and get full quickly.
Showing: Not in person. Definitely look thicker in pictures in tight clothes, from the side.
Gender Prediction: Still don’t know.
Symptoms: I smell everything and it all smells bad. Nausea, body heat, acne on back and hairline, fatigue, and more emotional.
Looking forward to: Gator game tomorrow vs Bama, and not feeling sick anymore (whenever that is).
Dad’s thoughts: “I can’t believe 10 weeks have gone by already! I know Alexa isn’t feeling good, but she’s acting so tough and taking care of Beau while feeling ‘carsick’. She really is super-mom!”


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