11 weeks


Weight: Anywhere from -3 to +0… Our scale isn’t accurate. I’ll see at the doctor’s office this week.
Maternity clothes: No.
Sleep: Love it.
Best moment: Taking Beau to see Santa for the first time! He was a little unsure, but didn’t cry… But Johnny and I were definitely way more excited about it than he was. Also, Johnny’s company Christmas dinner at The Melting Pot. I died and went to heaven in the chocolate fondue.
Missing: Coffee. Haven’t been able to force it down recently, and I am dragging!
Loving: How busy we are! Because it’s all wonderful things that we’re busy with.
Movement: No, but I keep thinking I feel it. I’m not, just excited for it.
Cravings: Nothing. Had cereal once and it was delicious, but haven’t wanted it again. Last pregnancy, I could have eaten the same things over and over (actually, I did). This time, something sounds good exactly once, then not again.
 Yes. Less ‘constantly carsick’ (although it still happens sometimes) and more of ‘random puking spells’. And I actually prefer it this way… pregnancy is weird.
Showing: Thicker. Not super noticeable, though.
Gender Prediction: Mom: Girl. Dad: Boy. Beau: Has absolutely no clue that anything is going on.
Symptoms: Nausea, fatigue, moody?, body heat (according to Johnny), acne, thicker belly, getting ‘winded’ carrying Beau for any length of time… which makes me a liiiittle nervous for the next 29 weeks.
Looking forward to: Doctor appointment next week, seeing our baby! And hopefully getting good results from the Nuchal Translucency/genetic tests.
Dad’s thoughts: “Can’t believe it’s already 11 weeks, very excited for the doctor appointment next week. Excited to see your belly start to grow.”

Who knew Santa like Bass Pro Shops, too?!


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