12 weeks


Weight: +1 lb at doctor.
Maternity clothes: No, enjoying normal clothes as long as I can, because I know I’ll miss them!
Sleep: Love it. Sometimes waking up in the early morning and it takes a little while to go back to sleep.
Best moment: Seeing the baby at our appointment and hearing that the NT scan and everything looks great so far… and hearing a gender prediction 🙂 Baby is measuring 3 days ahead, tech was pretty certain that he/she was 12 weeks instead of 11 weeks 4 days (the appointment was on Tuesday). They probably won’t change the due date, but we’re thinking it’s actually more like June 28 instead of July 1.
Missing: Nothing. We are blessed!
Loving: Healthy (as far as we can tell) babies!
Movement: No, just anticipating it.
Cravings: Cupcakes, just once. Johnny brought me two and I devoured the first one and haven’t had any desire to touch the second one.
 Yes, but I feel like the worst is over. I hope!
Showing: Thicker belly and maybe a small ‘bump’ by the end of the day. Not really noticeable yet, though. I can also feel my hip bones getting less defined… something random that I remember noticing during my first pregnancy, too.
Gender Prediction: The ultrasound tech guessed BOY! We’re so happy! Can’t wait to get confirmation next time. I also had a boy dream early in the week.
Symptoms: Nausea, fatigue, modiness, body heat, thicker belly, more emotional.
Looking forward to: Seeing our families and Christmas this week!
Dad’s thoughts: “So excited to have another little baby boy! Can’t wait to take both of my boys to the fields to play catch. Mom looks great and is so tough. Love them all!”

Head to the left, like it’s (he’s?) laying on it’s back with it’s feet up on the right

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.29.44 PM.jpg


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