18 weeks


Weight: ???
Maternity clothes: Some pants, and all clothes are definitely fitting differently. Going to get the maternity clothes out soon.
Sleep: Best sleep of my life.
Best moment: Getting settled in the house.
Missing: Nothing, currently.
Loving: Working on the house. Although I really wouldn’t mind if everything were already done.
Movement: A little bit, occasionally! I’ve even felt it from the outside a couple of times. I’m excited for Johnny to be able to feel, too!
Cravings: Sweets and caesar salad. I’ll take it.
 Sometimes nauseous in the mornings and/or before lunch when my stomach is empty. But less often than before.
Showing: Some! People who don’t know me might think it’s just chub. I don’t remember this bothering me last time, but this time I just want to be past this stage already. 
Gender Prediction: I’ll be so happy either way, I just want to know for sure!
Looking forward to: Seeing my mom when she meets me in Orlando for the afternoon, and staying in Ormond for the week while Johnny travels for work. Then, my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower.
Dad’s thoughts: “So happy that Alexa isn’t feeling sick as much. Can’t wait for our appointment and to find out the gender!”

IMG_0037.jpgHe might have learned this look from his mom. Just maybe.