14 weeks

Another year, another baby coming!

Weight: Don’t know, already packed away the scale.
Maternity clothes: Nope.
Sleep: Love it. 1 nap per day is the new normal.
Best moment: My nephew’s baptism, my sister-in-law’s baby shower, and spending NYE with our little family and close friends.  Aaand finally being in the second trimester!
Missing: Energy.
Loving: Getting excited to move to our new home.
Movement: Maybe?? Little tiny flips sometimes… could just be bubbles, though.
Cravings: Nothing. I love dessert, but that’s not really new.
 Much better! I puke when I drink any water on an empty stomach, like in the morning. I always wake up so thirsty and wanting to chug water, though… it’s a problem.
Showing: A little bit! Not super obvious yet, awkward chubby stage.
Gender Prediction: Boy, but I don’t know if the tech was right, or not. Really can’t wait to know for sure, one way or the other.
Symptoms: Some nausea, some belly, fatigue, acne.
Looking forward to: Doctor’s appointment in a couple of weeks.
Dad’s thoughts: “Time has flown by, it’s crazy that we’re already in the second trimester. Can’t wait until your belly gets bigger, and to find out what gender the doctor thinks the baby is.”


Sweets for the sweets


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