15 weeks

Is this why I’m craving citrus?

Weight: Already packed up the scale, darn!
Maternity clothes: Not yet.
Stretch Marks: No, and haven’t been using my  cream…oops.
Sleep: Pretty great, plus some naps.
Best moment: Getting a lot of packing done.
Missing: Nothing, really! Wouldn’t mind a little more energy.
Loving: How fortunate we are.
Movement: Maybe? I can’t tell yet.
Cravings: Citrus. Grapefruit juice and lemons with salt.
 Better. A little nauseous sometimes and I puke every time I drink water in the morning, unless I drink coffee first. So weird, and definitely different than last pregnancy.
Showing: Not too obvious yet, but a little belly! Especially at night.
Gender Prediction: Boy; but I’m dying to know for sure this week.
Looking forward to: Doctor appointment on Thursday.
Dad’s thoughts: “Can’t wait for the doctor’s appointment! I love watching the videos each week about the baby growing [on the ‘What to Expect’ app].”

IMG_9931.jpgHelping me pack 


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