16 weeks

Best party of pregnancy. Besides the contractions, of course

Weight: +1.5 lbs at doctor
Maternity clothes: No, normal clothes are getting more limited.
Sleep: Love it. Not having to nap as much, either.
Best moment: Seeing our baby on the ultrasound, it looking healthy, and maybe finding out the sex.
Missing: Free time. Busy with all wonderful things, though, so I can’t complain.
Loving: Our babies.
Movement: YES! Some flutters and some surprisingly powerful kicks.
Cravings: Citrus, a little bit.
 Not really. Randomly nauseous, especially when drinking water in the morning.
Showing: Yes, but I think I’m in the stage where I could be pregnant, or could be just carrying some extra belly weight from baby #1.
Gender Prediction: Doctor said he ‘didn’t see any boy parts’ and is 90% sure its a GIRL! So shocked, but excited. I really wish we knew for sure, I’m already counting down to our appointment next month.
Looking forward to: Nashville for my friend Danielle’s bachelorette this weekend (even though I’ll be sober) and MOVING on Tuesday!
Dad’s thoughts: “It was a surprise to hear that the baby might be a girl. Either way, I’m so excited and happy! Can’t wait to meet him or her.”

IMG_9957.jpgHe likes baths just a little bit


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