17 weeks

Because everyone is wondering: Yes, we wanted them this close in age

Weight: Our scale says -1 lb but I don’t believe it at all.
Maternity clothes: Some pants! Also the ‘hair tie trick’ with others.
Sleep: Amazing.
Best moment: Being in Nashville with Danielle, moving to our new house, and Beau turning 1!
Missing: Nothing!
Loving: Our new house and sometimes feeling movement… it’s still hard to tell what is and what isn’t.
Movement: Occasionally some light little flips, but not often.
Cravings: Nothing consistent. Randomly: lunchmeat sandwiches, milk, cereal, salads.
 Still nauseous/puking occasionally. It’s not bad, though.
Showing: Kinda. Yes in tighter clothes. Still not really noticeable in looser clothes. 
Gender Prediction: Girl, I guess?!. I bought some pink, ruffly cowgirl boot socks in Nashville. But I would still be excited for  boy, too!
Looking forward to: Next doctor’s appointment (in 2.5 weeks) for confirmation of the gender, hopefully.
Dad’s thoughts: “Beau had a great 1st birthday, he’s officially the most spoiled baby because he got a house for his birthday 😉 Alexa has been amazing setting up the house and has yet to complain about the pregnancy.”

With the beautiful bride-to-be in Nashville


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