19 weeks

Weight: +4 lbs ont he super official Publix scale.
Maternity clothes: Some.
Sleep: I love sleep. I don’t wake up until Johnny kisses me goodbye, after he’s already been walking around our room, getting ready. Dead. to. the . world.
Best moment: Feeling kicks! And spending time with family in Winter Park and Ormond.
Missing: Free time. But it’s ok!
Loving: Beau, this baby, Johnny, and our home.
Movement: Yes, and Johnny felt it, too! Still very light and infrequent.
Cravings: Sweets before dinner. Not craving, but looking forward to enjoying my coffee again.
Showing: Yep!
Gender Prediction: At this point, I think I’m going to be surprised either way.
Looking forward to: 2 doctors appointments; our normal doctor and the perinatologist for the anatomy scan. Hopefully between those two, we will find out the sex for sure and most importantly, hear that the baby looks healthy.
Dad’s thoughts: “I’m so happy to be home. Feeling the baby kick is still just as cool as the first time. Can’t wait to meet her/him and can’t wait to find out the gender. I am blessed.”


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