21 weeks


Weight: +4 lbs
Maternity clothes: They fit me best. Still squeezing in to some normal clothes but shirts aren’t as flattering, and even ‘comfortable’ pants are not so comfortable.
Sleep: Wonderful.
Best moment: Having friends visit last weekend and coming to visit Plant City today.
Missing: Free time, a little bit. I want to focus on baby stuff, but still have so much to do with the house.
Loving: Our boy and girl.
Movement: Yes! Still not all of the time, but getting stronger.
Cravings: Nothing too intense. Sweets, sometimes.
Weak gag reflex; threw up when I had a sip of iced coffee that got too watered-down. And I get nauseous if I drink water on an empty stomach… I’ve never heard of that before this pregnancy?!
Showing: Definitely in tighter clothes. Looser clothes aren’t as obvious, but still visible.
Gender: Grace Maria Tolland… Just officially decided tonight on our drive to Plant City! Although it’s the only name we’ve really even considered.
Looking forward to: Getting more house stuff done… eventually.
Dad’s thoughts: “We settled on a baby name and I couldn’t be happier!!! Can’t wait to meet baby Gracie!”

DSC_2822.jpgAnd a little bit of attention for the other baby, too


We can add ‘making shutters’ to the list of unexpected things we’ve done as homeowners 


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