26 weeks


Weight: ?
Maternity clothes: Mostly.
Sleep: Great.
Best moment: Seeing lots of friends this past weekend.
Missing: Being able to go to a friend’s house and socialize/relax, rather than chase Beau. But I guess he’s worth it 😉
Loving: Making progress on house projects so hopefully soon I can start getting baby stuff ready.
Movement: Often and usually low. I’m worried that she’s breech and doesn’t have plans to flip.
Cravings: Carbs. At least it’s not sweets?
No, just weak gag reflex and sensitive to gross smells/other gross things.
Showing: Always.
Looking forward to: Easter weekend in Plant City and my sister coming home from Australia next week!
Dad’s thoughts: “I missed the family so much while I was in Charlotte, I was so happy to finally get home to them. Mom’s belly is getting bigger 🙂 Can’t wait to meet Gracie!!!”

IMG_1120.jpgHe likes to pet the cowhide rug. Someone get this poor kid a dog