24 weeks

DSC_2893.jpgBlank chalkboard because I thought “baby is the size of an ear of corn” was a little boring


Weight: +11 at the doctor
Maternity clothes: They’re more comfortable. Can still get away with looser shirts, too.
Sleep: Wonderful.
Best moment: Getting another nephew yesterday!
Missing: Physical energy, like when walking up stairs or picking things up. Doesn’t bother me too much, yet.
Loving: Our new nephew, William! And hitting the “viability” point, although we don’t want her testing that anytime soon.
Movement: Big ones! I got some on video tonight.
Cravings: Sweets. I need to stop.
No 🙂
Showing: Yep.
Looking forward to: Seeing family in Ormond and meeting baby William this weekend.
Dad’s thoughts: “I loved watching Grace move in Mama’s belly tonight. Great week, and looking forward to seeing baby Will this weekend.”

IMG_0933.jpgMaybe we’ll learn to be more mature before the next baby is born


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