27 weeks


Weight: ??? I feel like… a lot.
Maternity clothes:
Pretty good, usually.
Best moment:
 Being in Texas for my friend’s wedding. And Beau’s first Easter! … And I just realized that it’s his second Easter. Mom of the year!
Missing: Beau, Johnny, and being able to drink at wedding events. I got so excited for cocktails for about 1 second before I realized that I will be sipping on water.
Loving: Being here with Danielle for her wedding!
Movement: Often. If I want to feel her move, I can pretty much always sit down and feel something. I feel like she doesn’t kick as much as Beau did, but rolls/moves a lot more.
Cravings: Sweets and salads. Let’s call this balance.
A little nauseous sometimes. I felt it a lot on the plane, and if my stomach is empty. I have not been wanting to drink water, and sometimes no food sounds good.
“Oh, you’re knocked up!” -A stranger. Yep. 
Looking forward to:
Seeing more friends for an overnight stop in Atlanta on the way home, and getting to spend one of my best friend’s birthday with her while I’m there. Then, getting home to my family! And a doctor’s appointment for the glucose test next week.
Dad’s thoughts: 
“Easter weekend was so much fun! It was great seeing the family and seeing them interact with Beau, and feel Alexa’s belly. We are so blessed!”

DSC_2942.jpgThis is the best picture we could hope for during nap time 

DSC_2961.jpgOne of the few moments that he was actually holding the eggs. We thought he was going to love the egg hunt and, joke’s on us, he actually did not care at all. 

Mean parents making him pick up candy-filled eggs

My dad and Johnny having so much fun hunting the eggs that Beau didn’t care about


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