28 weeks

DSC_2976.jpgApparently 28 weeks has no exciting milestone with it 

Weight: +15 at the doctor… whoa!
Maternity clothes: My wardrobe is rapidly shrinking.
Sleep: Sometimes uncomfortable, but usually still good.
Best moment: Lots! Seeing old friends, getting home to Beau, Johnny coming home, our ultrasound, seeing my sister (and mom), and my friend’s birthday party.
Missing: Free time. I feel so busy!
Loving: Being back home, and baby looking healthy.
Movement: Yes, kicks are mostly low but I can feel movement all over. She’s still breech and although the doctor is not concerned at all, I am!
Cravings: Sweets.
 I currently have a cold- not fun. No intense nausea but a little bit, sometimes.
Showing: Always!
Looking forward to: Spending the weekend at home together and with friends.
Dad’s thoughts: “I loved seeing Gracie on the sonogram! She needs to flip around and get in position to be born. Can’t wait to meet her!”

IMG_1467.jpgRehearsing with the loveliest bride


iPhone maternity photo shoot= done
Beau suckering my sister into getting in the kiddie pool with him


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