29 weeks

DSC_2999.jpgThis is one of the few dresses that fits me well, aka it will be worn A LOT in the near future

Weight: I gave up on our scale since it’s never right, anyways.
Maternity clothes: Yes, and dresses in a bigger size and/or with a high waistline.
Sleep: Usually great. I can feel a few aches every once in a while, but I’ve been sleeping so hard that I hardly notice.
Best moment: Picking up Johnny’s new truck today! His old one had a good 10 year run, but lately at red lights he’s been having to put in in park and rev the engine to keep the coolant running through, or it would overheat. So as much as we’ll miss the old one… we won’t miss it that much.
Missing: Free time, still.
Loving: Life. And being in Plant City with family, including my sister who has been in Australia for 10 months.
Movement: All of the time. I can start to feel her in my ribs a little bit. Big rolls and shifts all over.
Cravings: Grapefruit and sweets.
Showing: Always getting awkward comments from strangers like, “Oh, you’re pregnant, again.” …yes.
Looking forward to: A friend’s baby shower and seeing Johnny on Sunday when he gets back from his cruise.
Dad’s thoughts: “Love seeing baby Gracie move in her mom’s belly! It was taking pictures with Beau in my old truck before we sold it. Alexa looks great!”

Me being a sentimental freak and doing a photo shoot in the old truck before we sold it

IMG_1618.jpgGrocery shopping with a tired toddler means 10 seconds of this sweet baby sleepiness, and the rest of the time whining loud enough to make everyone in Publix question my parenting

IMG_1724.jpgThis snapchat filter will never get old to me


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