30 weeks


 Don’t know. I feel relatively healthy though (it’s not like I’ve been craving sugar or anything…) so I’m not worried about it because let’s be honest, It’s not like I’m going to diet anyway.
Maternity clothes: Officially out of my t-shirts and into Johnny’s. It’s nice to not have to worry about my under-belly sticking out during my walks, anymore.
Sleep: Great!
Best moment: Johnny getting back from his brother’s bachelor party cruise.
Missing: Time. I’m getting worried about getting all of our house stuff done before she is born. Because I just know that she will not want to come home to a house where the chandelier isn’t hung up 😉
Loving: Life. I feel so blessed.
Movement: Always. I love being able to almost constantly feel her moving and be assured that she’s ok in there. Also, hiccups! Every time I feel them, I try to feel exactly what part of my belly they’re coming from, so I can analyze her position and decide if I think she’s head down or not. Verdict: I don’t know and I know I won’t be able to, but you can bet I’ll keep trying like a crazy person.
Cravings: Not sweets! Just kidding, sweets. I also had a sandwich from Jimmy Johns and it tasted so amazing, I didn’t even think twice about eating cold lunch meat.
 Not usually. But drank lot of water this morning and threw it all up. Sooo apparently I’m not over that, yet.
Showing: Obviously. Taking this question out now 🙂
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks multiple times a day, especially in the evenings. Never painful and feels nothing like real contractions, but sometimes the tightening is pretty strong.
Looking forward to: A weekend here, together. Hopefully getting some house stuff done and also having fun with Beau.
Dad’s thoughts: “I was so excited to get home from the cruise and see Alexa and Beau, I missed them so much. I can’t believe 30 weeks is already here! We are going to get to meet baby Gracie so soon!”

IMG_1832.jpgBeautiful mama-to-be and her baby boy 

IMG_1829.jpgTired little big boy

IMG_1953.jpgI know we should probably be discouraging him sticking out his tongue, but we can’t help but laugh 


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