35 weeks


DSC_3188.jpgGoing to work on my to-do list now

Weight: +23 at Publix. The fastest that I’ve moved lately was jumping on and off that scale before anyone else could read it.
Maternity clothes: Yep, and normal dresses in a size up (or 3 sizes up).
Sleep: We’ve been going to bed early and getting so much sleep, and it’s so great. Not sure if I should just enjoy this now, or start weaning myself from sleep so it’s not such a hard adjustment.
Best moment: Chris and Brooke’s wedding! I’m so happy to officially have another sister. And our 2nd/last perinatologist appointment where we heard that she’s still head down and looking good! They estimated that she’s measuring a couple of days behind gestation, but within average size, and about 5 lbs. 4 oz. They guessed that she’ll be close to Beau’s birth weight, but I’m guessing slightly smaller. We’ll see!
Missing: Cocktails at weddings. I am not a confident sober dancer, except to Copperhead Road.
Loving: Tiny pink clothes.
Movement: Big pushes. I can feel them all over, but a lot in my upper right side. At our appointment that’s where her butt was, so I guess it’s her stretching out. And hiccups multiple times a day.
Cravings: Nothing, really! (as I finish eating an oreo…)
Symptoms: Stronger Braxton Hicks, I can feel when one is about to come on. Trying hard to avoid waddling, but I think it’s happening. I also get irrationally annoyed when I have to bend over for any reason.
Looking forward to: Long Memorial Day weekend, and another doctor’s appointment next week.
Dad’s thoughts: “So much fun at Chris and Brooke’s wedding. I loved showing off Alexa with her belly showing at the wedding. Can’t believe how close we are to meeting Grace, it was cool seeing her face in 3D. I think she’s going to look like Alexa.”

*Clarification: When Johnny said “…with her belly showing at the wedding…” he meant in my dress… I did not wear a crop top to the wedding, nor any other time.

FullSizeRenderBehind the scenes: Beau had just peed through to his onesie and spent the rest of the rehearsal dinner in nothing but a diaper 

IMG_2498Dad and Beau reading and me thinking that iPhones take good quality pictures…not.

IMG_2524.jpgSneak preview of baby Grace! I used to think 3D ultrasounds were so weird but now that it’s my own kid, it’s the coolest thing ever. Although I still think that the babies in them all look the same.

FullSizeRender_1.jpgThe tech said “She has some cheeks!” and we said “Well look at her brother!”

IMG_2528.jpg…And if you thought the 3D pictures were creepy. Johnny said “She looks like you!”…?!?!