32 weeks

DSC_3049.jpgSo upside-down is good and right-side up is bad. Got it?


Weight: +19 at the doctor
Maternity clothes: Yep. Along with any dress that is nice and roomy.
Sleep: Amazing.
Best moment: Getting lots of house stuff done and hearing that she’s not breech!
Missing: Nothing. Probably because I’m not depriving myself… Nova lox bagel, runny eggs, and a lick of cake batter… Obviously what everyone says about being more relaxed with the second pregnancy/baby is true.
Loving: A healthy baby and not having to worry about her being breech.
Movement: Often and strong.
Cravings: Sweet more than savory, but I think my sweet tooth has calmed down some.
Every once in a while, randomly nauseous. But normally, fine.
Symptoms: I was in another room and Johnny yelled to me, “Are you ok in there?!” because he could hear me straining to breathe. I was just painting my toenails.
Looking forward to: Seeing family and friends this weekend, and Beau starting swim lessons next week.
Dad’s thoughts: “So excited to hear that Gracie isn’t breech. Can’t wait to meet her!”

IMG_2181.jpgTrying to convince me to let him get away with a super short nap. It worked.

13164183_1037167786329608_5435738202890429036_n (1).jpgCinco de Mayo date. I honestly thought I could ‘maybe not look super pregnant’ in this dress. LOL.

IMG_2193.jpgRain dance

IMG_2236.jpgBib twins

IMG_2222.jpgSorry he can’t hear you over the volume of his hair


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